We work with traditional and expert craftsmen from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China to produce our woven bags & carriers. Each are handcrafted from sustainable, treated natural fibers - retaining its natural waxy texture making it slightly water resistant. Please avoid getting them excessively damp as it may affect integrity of the material over time. Clean with a rinsed cloth and allow it to dry fully before storage.

Our footwear is designed in our studio in Singapore and developed by our production team in Guangdong, China. We choose to work with a synthetic microfiber leather alternative that is non-toxic and 100% animal-free. Complete with a smooth, luxurious finish with improved comfort breathability. We recommend an application of protective waterproofing spray for our suede pairs before use to prolong aesthetic and wear. Clean with rinsed cloth and allow to air dry. Replace stuffing to maintain shape before storage.


Keeping the environment in mind, we opt for paper packaging made from recycled materials which can be continually recycled. Please note that the poly mailers provided by our courier partner is 100% recyclable and should be disposed of thoughtfully. We try to keep our packaging to a minimal to avoid any excess on the consumer end. Puff packs for accessories and small items are repurposed and upcycled from old materials. Our seasonal gift wrapping service is complimentary and completed with clean, reused packaging materials and dried garnishes from our personal purchases and bouquets - because what we save, saves us.