The New Classics


This collection was a personal and defining one for us.

It was a journey that brought us back where we first began, inspiring a vision of how we will be moving forward. With The New Classics, we hope to introduce a new foundation that is comfortable, modern and relaxed.

→ Maryjane Mule in  Ecru

→ Maryjane Mule in Ecru


The colors are pulled out from natural, earthen tones: soft limestone, unbleached linen and the french mole. A light sensitive and sublime palette of our very own. It gives us great pleasure to finally introduce the first of many - Chalk, Ecru and Taupe.

The Maryjane Mule makes its debut appearance alongside our signature Court Slingback Heel and the highly anticipated Line Mule, formally the Square Mule.

→ Line Mule in  Ecru  &  Chalk

→ Line Mule in Ecru & Chalk


We envision the human body embraced in light carrying a softness in strength. A form and flexibility displayed through timeless movement and pure aesthetics.

What better way to embody the essence of The New Classics than to turn to the lost era of timeless quality and celebration - vintage. Inspired by the beauty of @luciazolea and spirit of @mariedewet, we paired the past and the present through a collection of vintage peignoir and lingerie from a forgotten time. Captured on self-timer, a brilliant harmony of the soft, faceted curves of a woman and the meek, unworldly tones of The New Classics appreciated through the eyes of our co-founder.


The New Classics was created with the intent to disrupt what you think you know. It is selfish to others yet centered to oneself. A personal choice crafted around the very essence of your own being. A long overdue reach within yourself and recognizing what is important.

This Spring, we allow the colors to fall off and once again - standing on neutral ground, where it is anybody’s game to devour the prey and divide the spoils. Let us be like ravenous wolves for surely as we were breathed into life by our spirit, let us be led in it no matter what we do.